In-Office Digital X-Ray Snippet

    At Modern Foot & Ankle we have a state-of-the-art podiatric digital X-ray unit. This means convenience and lowered expenses for our patients. Instead of X-ray film, digital radiography uses a digital-image capture device. This gives the advantages of immediate image preview and availability. Our doctor will have access to your radiology results as soon as the click of a button.

    Everything you need to know about In-Office Digital X-Rays

    Restorative Therapy

    Soft tissue injuries are caused by either a trauma or overuse. Micro-tears in the tissue form and become inflamed. Inflamed tissue often turns into scar tissue which can inhibit the healing process. Restorative therapy uses a human amniotic membrane graft supplied in an easy-to-use in-office injection. This injection contains natural growth factors that reduce inflammation, reduce scar tissue, and enhance healing of micro-tears in soft tissue.

    You may benefit from restorative therapy if you have had an injury that is not relieved by conservative measures including ice, rest, and anti-inflammatories. Our restorative therapy is introduced into the injured tissue via an injection in our office. Recovery is easier than surgery and allows for immediate weight-bearing in a CAM boot for 1-2 weeks.

    TOPAZ Microdebrider

    TOPAZ microdebrider is a minimally invasive treatment for tendon pathologies involving the foot and ankle. A TOPAZ device is a wand that is applied to target tissues through a pinhole sized incision. When activated, the TOPAZ wand emits radio-frequency energy to the tissue. This radio-frequency energy removes devitalized (dead) tissue with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring normal tissue remains untouched. The removal of the devitalized, injured tissue promotes a suitable environment for healing. TOPAZ microdebrider is a minimally invasive alternative to other procedures to fix tendon related injuries and pathologies. This means a quicker recovery and return to activity. If you are an active patient with an overuse injury of the foot or ankle, TOPAZ may be for you.


    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections are an innovative procedure where blood is drawn from the patient and placed in a centrifuge to yield a high concentration of the body’s platelets. Platelets contain many growth factors that are responsible for helping heal complex injuries. This procedure can be done in the office or in an outpatient surgical center. Patients are then placed in a CAM walker for approximately two weeks to immobilize the area and promote healing.

    The miniBunion Procedure

    Looking for a local podiatrist to perform the new miniBunion procedure? Look no further. The podiatrists at Modern Foot & Ankle perform the miniBunion at all of our locations throughout central Florida. The miniBunion is a revolutionary minimally-invasive procedure for the correction of bunion deformities. Compared to traditional procedures the miniBunion facilitates a quicker, easier recovery, allowing patients to stay on their feet throughout the postoperative period. It also offers cosmetic benefits, as the incision site is up to four times smaller than that of most bunion procedures and is made in a more concealed location on the inner side of the foot. 

    Custom-Molded Orthotics Snippet

    Custom-molded orthotics are specially-made devices designed to support and comfort your feet. Prescription orthotics are crafted by our lab for you and no one else. Only a prescription orthotic can accommodate your unique foot structure—something over-the-counter orthotics cannot do.

    Everything you need to know about Custom Molded Orthotics

    Our custom devices can help with many lower extremity conditions, including:

    Heel Pain

    Plantar fasciitis

    Ball of foot pain

    Arch pain



    Ankle sprains

    Achilles tendonitis

    Knee, hip, and back pain


    Arthritic conditions

    Calluses, Corns

    Shin splints