Will Tiger Ever Play Again?

Friday March 5, 2021



Dr. Zuri Gives Expert Opinion on Tiger Woods’ Medical Condition After Accident in CBS Sports Articles

Will Tiger ever play again? That is the question we at Modern Foot & Ankle keep on hearing. On Tuesday, February 24, Tiger Woods was involved in a terrible car accident and sustained serious damage to his legs and feet. As the severity of the situation catapulted into international news, CBS Sports reached out to Modern Foot & Ankle partner and sports-injury expert Dr. Michael Zuri for his opinion on what Tiger could face during his recovery.

Original article featuring Dr. Zuri’s quotes. Will Tiger ever Play Again

Original article featuring Dr. Zuri’s quotes.

While he has not personally examined the golf legend, based on the information released—such as a rod being placed in Tiger’s tibia, bone having broken through the skin, and reports of a shattered ankle—Dr. Zuri was able to provide the most likely outcome: 

“He’s going to have multiple surgeries over the next week or two,” said Dr. Zuri. “This is definitely of a limb-threatening nature. Do I think he’ll lose his leg? Probably not. … The next week is crucial. Infection is a major concern. … I would say a month is when they’ll kind of know what’s going on as long as he doesn’t have a bone infection or soft tissue complication. This is a tenuous thing for a while.”

Board-certified physician Dr. Michael Zuri

Board-certified physician Dr. Michael Zuri

Dr. Zuri went on to explain that Tiger will probably undergo surgeries for years to come.

“This is going to be a long, long thing for him. These types of multi-traumas to the leg are just devastating,” Dr. Zuri concluded.

CBS Sports again used Dr. Zuri’s opinion to explain Tiger’s condition and the likelihood that he’ll be able to compete professionally again one day in a follow-up article detailing additional procedures.

Follow-up article containing Dr. Zuri’s quotes. Will Tiger ever Play Again

Follow-up article containing Dr. Zuri’s quotes.

At Modern Foot & Ankle, our hearts go out to Tiger Woods and his family, and we hope to see him on the golf course again someday.

To read the full quotes in the original CBS Sports article, click here.




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