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Sweaty feet is called hyperhidrosis. It’s more common in men than in women, and more common in young adults than older adults, however 3% of the population suffers from some form of hyperhidrosis. People whose feet sweat excessively typically also have problems with excessive sweating of the palms.


Excessive sweating of the feet seems to be an inherited problem. No one knows exactly why it occurs, but people who sweat excessively seem to have a different “set point” than other people. People with hyperhidrosis sweat excessively almost all the time.


Feet that sweat excessively with no apparent triggering event

Foot odor

Emotional stress and worry regarding foot odor. Sweat-related anxiety and isolation can be particularly severe among teens with plantar hyperhidrosis

When You Should Seek Care With Us

If your feet sweat excessively, come see our podiatrist. According to the US National Library of Medicine, less than 40 percent of people with excessive sweating seek medical care. Hyperhidrosis can often be treated with simple conservative measures.

Types of Treatment We Offer

Treatment options are tailored to your symptoms and are almost always conservative. Treatment options vary from something as simple as changing your socks and shoes more often to Botox injections. Over-the-counter or prescription roll-on antiperspirants may be applied directly to the feet to decrease sweating

Botox injections can temporarily control excessive sweating of the feet. (The effect generally lasts for about six to nine months.) Oral prescription medications, often anticholinergic, can be used to trick the sweat glands of the feet to not be as active.