New Bunion Procedure Now Available in Tampa and Orlando

Friday March 12, 2021

MiniBunion Lab: ALL CLINICS Now Offering the Revolutionary Bunion Procedure

Great news for Central Florida residents suffering from bunions—we’re adding three more surgeons to our dream team of miniBunion® system providers. If you don’t know, it’s a minimally-invasive procedure for the correction of bunions that allows for immediate weight-bearing post-op (i.e., “a walking recovery”), a quicker healing process, and a more inconspicuous scar.

minibunion post op

Photo is taken 90 days post-op. The small, hidden surgical site keeps your feet looking beach-ready, because, Florida.

When we brought Dr. Young on board Modern Foot & Ankle last month, we snagged ourselves a miniBunion expert: last year, he received the developer’s Center of Excellence award for performing more than 25 procedures. Only a handful of surgeons across the country have earned this distinction (plus, that was in September—he’s completed way more since then).

Dr. Evan Young minibunion

During a break in the lab, a sales rep presented Dr. Young with his Center of Excellence plaque. Status: Expert level.

The only problem? Dr. Young can’t be everywhere all the time. While we initially were only able to offer the miniBunion at our Tampa Bay clinics, it was a no-brainer to expand the service immediately to the Orlando Area. So we arranged a lab with developer CrossRoads Extremity Systems at a nearby hotel and had Dr. Young, who’s a certified instructor, show the rest of our podiatric surgeons just how it’s done.

Now Dr. Patel, Dr. Zuri, and Dr. Siegel are each providing the miniBunion service at their respective locations, which means not only are there more opportunities for patients to receive it in Tampa, Lutz, and Brandon, but it’s available for the first time at our Casselberry clinic (and when it opens later this year, the new Winter Garden clinic).  

Check out these snippets from the lab. (WARNING: human foot pictured below.)

Dr. Evan Young directing the minibunion lab.

Dr. Michael Zuri and Dr. Roma Patel minibunion

Yes, we cut open feet and eat pizza. We’re used to this.

The surgeons of Modern Foot & Ankle.

We’re very excited for our patients to enjoy the benefits of this groundbreaking procedure. If you have any questions about the miniBunion and its recovery process, book online or call our office to schedule a consultation today. 

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