Covid Toe

Friday March 25, 2022



When we think of COVID-19, we think of the effects the virus has on our lungs, hearts, and health in the short- and long-term; however, an area that we don’t think about when we think is our toes.

Did you know that the COVID-19 virus could possibly be linked to swollen and discolored toes? Some medical groups and researchers believe that swollen and discolored toes during and post COVID-19 infections are linked while others suggest there isn’t a connection. 

Despite the mild scientific pushback, research is still being actively conducted. There is a fair amount of evidence to pose the question: are my toes being affected by COVID-19?

It is still unclear what is causing the link between swollen and discolored toes during and following COVID-19, but one small study suggests there is a close relationship between COVID toes and COVID-19 due to an immune system response. It is possible that the toe condition may stem from the immune system mounting “a strong antiviral” response to the coronavirus infection which in turn affects the toes.

The symptoms of COVID toe are when the skin on one or more of your toes may swell up and look bright red, then gradually turn purple. Skin coloring may vary from pink, red, purple, and may also even have brown spots as time progresses. It is also possible to have blisters, itching, pain, raised bumps, or areas of rough skin. 

It is more prominent to have COVID toes if you are a child, teen, or young adult, however it has been seen in adults. Again, research is ongoing to determine the age and factors that contribute to COVID toes.

It is imperative to consult with your physician if you notice any COVID-19 symptoms and to consult with one of our Modern Foot & Ankle podiatrists if you notice any changes in your feet post COVID-19.

Bet you didn’t think to look down at your toes as it relates to COVID, right?




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