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Heel Pain

Dr. Siegel in the News: His Advice on Restorative Medicine

Foot Pain

Dr. Siegel is not only an accomplished surgeon—he’s a published writer too! Foot Pain Recently, Dr. Siegel wrote an article featured on the online publication Runner’s Radar entitled “A Surgery-Free Approach to Chronic Foot Pain,” wherein he details the benefits of amniotic tissue allografts. This in-office procedure is a type of injection-based restorative medicine that

Custom-Molded Orthotics vs. Dr. Scholl’s “Custom” Inserts

Custom Orthotics vs dr scholls

We have all walked into our local convenience store or near a pharmacy and seen the kiosk for Dr. Scholl’s “custom” inserts, advertising precise foot-support selection via 2,000 pressure sensors and a “FootMapping” evaluation. Whad’ya know—it’s the answer to all of your foot problems! Sound too good to be true? Well—surprise, surprise—it is. And it’s