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Covid Toe

covid toe

When we think of COVID-19, we think of the effects the virus has on our lungs, hearts, and health in the short- and long-term; however, an area that we don’t think about when we think is our toes. Did you know that the COVID-19 virus could possibly be linked to swollen and discolored toes? Some

Modern Foot & Ankle Brings High-Tech, High-Quality Healthcare to Largo

Modern Foot & Ankle opens its sixth clinic — and first in Pinellas County – on Friday. The Central Florida podiatric group has selected Kyle Haverstrom, DPM, as the podiatrist for the new Largo, Florida, location. “I wanted to join Modern Foot & Ankle because it’s at the forefront of technology when it comes to

New Bunion Procedure Now Available in Tampa and Orlando

Dr. Evan Young minibunion

MiniBunion Lab: ALL CLINICS Now Offering the Revolutionary Bunion Procedure Great news for Central Florida residents suffering from bunions—we’re adding three more surgeons to our dream team of miniBunion® system providers. If you don’t know, it’s a minimally-invasive procedure for the correction of bunions that allows for immediate weight-bearing post-op (i.e., “a walking recovery”), a

Will Tiger Ever Play Again?

Will Tiger ever Play Again

Dr. Zuri Gives Expert Opinion on Tiger Woods’ Medical Condition After Accident in CBS Sports Articles Will Tiger ever play again? That is the question we at Modern Foot & Ankle keep on hearing. On Tuesday, February 24, Tiger Woods was involved in a terrible car accident and sustained serious damage to his legs and


Modern Foot & Ankle is growing! Our practice will have new partners, new physicians, new services, and new locations to better help our patients in 2021. Development of the anticipated group has been years in the making. Dr. Adam Siegel, Dr. Michael Zuri (All Podiatry Group), and Dr. Roma Patel (Prism Podiatry) first met as

Treat Your Feet With Today’s Best Skin Care Products

Skin Care

Skin Care   Skin Care It’s summertime: time to show off those feet! If yours are still hibernating, then get them flip-flop-ready by checking out our office’s featured products from the specially-formulated Podiatree line! Skin Care   Adessa 30 Heel Liniment This is a smooth, buttery balm designed to soothe and relieve hard, damaged heels

Dr. Siegel in the News: His Advice on Restorative Medicine

Foot Pain

Dr. Siegel is not only an accomplished surgeon—he’s a published writer too! Foot Pain Recently, Dr. Siegel wrote an article featured on the online publication Runner’s Radar entitled “A Surgery-Free Approach to Chronic Foot Pain,” wherein he details the benefits of amniotic tissue allografts. This in-office procedure is a type of injection-based restorative medicine that

The Ease and Efficiency of Online Appointment Booking

Online Appointment Booking

Using technology and computers have become second-nature to many, but how many of you have tried to schedule an appointment on a physician’s website? While many offices don’t offer it and others will only allow you to submit a “request,” at Modern Foot & Ankle we believe your online experience should be quick, smooth, and—most

Nail Salons and What Lies Beneath

toenail fungus

Ladies and gents, raise your hand if you have ever had a pedicure at a salon… it’s safe to say that may be a lot of you. And when you get one, you’re probably concerned with the level of sanitation of the utensils, the soaking bowl, and the like—but do you ever think about how

Holiday Foot Care

Foot Care

Foot Care It is well into the holiday season, and the last thing on your mind is probably your feet. Well, all of that Christmas shopping, holiday work parties, and cooking for your family and friends adds up and is a lot of time on your feet—probably in high heels and dress shoes, too. Here