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All Podiatry Group is now Modern Foot & Ankle. For Tampa Office Click Here

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Holiday Foot Care

Foot Care

Foot Care It is well into the holiday season, and the last thing on your mind is probably your feet. Well, all of that Christmas shopping, holiday work parties, and cooking for your family and friends adds up and is a lot of time on your feet—probably in high heels and dress shoes, too. Here

Custom-Molded Orthotics vs. Dr. Scholl’s “Custom” Inserts

Custom Orthotics vs dr scholls

We have all walked into our local convenience store or near a pharmacy and seen the kiosk for Dr. Scholl’s “custom” inserts, advertising precise foot-support selection via 2,000 pressure sensors and a “FootMapping” evaluation. Whad’ya know—it’s the answer to all of your foot problems! Sound too good to be true? Well—surprise, surprise—it is. And it’s

Diabetes and Ulcers: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You


Do you or a loved one suffer from diabetes? If so, it’s important that you follow the following tips to prevent an ulcer (i.e., an open wound or sore) from developing. Inspect feet every day. Bathe feet gently in lukewarm water. Moisturize feet but not toes. Cut nails carefully. (See a podiatrist if you cannot